Posted on by Nils Wirell

Next year I am starting my journey towards something called the Swedish classic. You need to finish 4 events in 12 months time. These are: Vasaloppet, a 90 km cross-country ski race, Vätternrundan - a 300 km bicycle race, Vansbrosimmet, a 3 km open water swim and finally Lindingöloppet, a 30 km terrain run. I am not really all that into endurance racing. I prefer short and intense. But I wanted to have something to challenge myself with for the next year. It's also easier to keep your diet and training plan in check if you have goals and part goals on the way to keep you focused. Because frankly, it's not fun all the time to do this. We have one 3 year old and another child on the way. Planning this is the only way I can get it done. Otherwise there's always an excuse: I am too tired, did not sleep enough etc. Well it's my journey for next year and I look forward to sharing it with you. Happy New Year!