First day of 30 days clean eating.

Posted on by Nils Wirell

So, started off the new year on a good note. We had a feast on New Years Eve (After all it was one night). No it's on to 30 days reboot. We tend to be very strict on what we eat during this time. We don't count calories, but try to eat what we need. If we train and lack energy, if we feel energized and sleep well, we eat enough. Tip when eating out: don't take another portion until you've waiting for 10 minutes. Satiation takes time or rather the signals from the stomach to reach your brain. You mostly eat with your eyes and brain, not stomach. We try to keep the following guidelines for 30 days. They're not always fun, but work and you feel amazing afterwards:

Do eat
Meat, Fish, Poultry, Game and Seafood
Vegetables (lots of leafy greens and mix that up with others)
Some nuts and seeds
Some berries
Some fruit
Starch/Tubers when needed (Sweet and Regular potato)

Don't eat
Dairy (If you can't stay alive with out it, try hard cheese and high fat yogurt) 
Sugar (Dishes with lots of sugar)

Do drink
Water, Coffee and Tea

Don't drink
Juices, sodas, alcohol (If you can't survive with out alcohol, try one (1) glass of dry red wine

Do this for 30 days and you will feel amazing, lose some weight, have more energy and feel less bloated.